Ryan, Ryan, and Linda attend the FASEB Conference: Molecular Biophysics of Membranes in Snowmass, CO

This years FASEB Conference: Molecular Biophysics of Membranes was in Snowmass, CO and The University of Virgina was well represented with the Kasson, Tamm, Wiener, and Columbus laboratories represented. Ryan Oliver and Ryan Lo presented posters entitled “Modulating the physical properties of micelles using binary detergent mixtures for future membrane protein investigations” and “Effects of […]

Ashton & Jen selected for NIH Funded UVA Training Grants

Ashton received the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant. he Predoctoral Molecular Biophysics Training Program is oriented toward providing a strong biophysics-related training environment that supplements the basic degree requirements and goals of the degree-granting departments within the University of Virginia. Jen received the Cell and Molecular Biology(CMB)training grant.The Cell and Molecular Biology faculty at the University […]

Alison & Brett Graduate

On May 20th, 2012, Alison and Brett received their PhD degrees and were hooded by Linda.

Jackie, Sarah, and Golda present and defend their honor theses

Jackie, Sarah, and Golda participated in the Department Distinguished Major Program and gradauted with distinction. First, on April 21st they presented their research. Then in the following two weeks they defended their honors thesis.

Alison Dewald successfully defended her thesis

On Friday April 13th, 2012, Alison Dewald presented her thesis “Lipid reconstitution and functional characterization of outer membrane Opacity-associated (Opa) proteins of Neisseria”. Her private defense followed and her committee approved her PhD degree with minor revisions to her written document. The lab and Alison’s thesis committee celebrated with champagne afterwards.

Ryan Lo presents his 3rd year poster.

On April 12th, the third year chemistry graduate students presented their research at the annual poster event. Ryan Lo presented his poster entitled “Effects of detergent, ionic strength, and temperature on the quality of beta-barrel membrane protein NMR spectra”

Brett Kroncke successfully defended his thesis

On Wednesday April 11th, 2012, Brett Kroncke presented his thesis “Nitroxide Spin Label Motion on Helical Membrane Proteins”. His private defense followed and his committee approved his PhD degree with minor revisions to his written document. The lab and Brett’s thesis committee celebrated with champagne afterwards.

Dan and Ryan honored at the 2012 Robert J. Huskey Research Exhibition

The Huskey Research Exhibition is an annual event which provides a forum for all graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Architecture to publicize their research. In addition, the event rewards students presenting superior research. The 12th Annual Huskey Research Exhibition occurred on March 21, 2012. This year, […]

Kroncke and Columbus paper highlighted in Protein Science

Identification and removal of nitroxide spin label contaminant: Impact on PRE studies of α-helical membrane proteins in detergent published this month in Protein Science was highlighted “In This Issue” by the journal.

The Columbus Laboratory moved to the new Physical Life Science Building

The Columbus laboratory moved to beautiful new space on January 3, 2012. Here are some pictures of the new space.

Two graduate students and an undergraduate join the lab

This semester Jennifer Martin and Ashton Brock joined the laboratory as first-year graduate students. Jen’s research focuses on Opa proteins and Ashton’s research investigates the effects of detergents on the structure and function of membrane proteins. Undergraduate Elleansar Okwei also joined the lab and is working with Dr. Carol price on determining the function of […]