Postdoctoral positions available

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Virginia invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to perform research in the area of biophysical investigations of membrane proteins. This is a one-year appointment; however, the appointment may be renewed for two additional one-year terms, contingent upon available funding and satisfactory performance. Completion of the PhD […]

NIH RO1 Renewed

Our research focused on pathogen – host interactions continues to be funded by the NIH. Opa proteins from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and N. meningitidis pose an intriguing biological riddle: How can a structure that is tolerant of sequence diversity bind to the same family of receptors, and also provide receptor selectivity among the receptor variants? Opa […]

Shelby Lipes receives an Harrison Undergraduate Research Award

Shelby, a 3rd year undergraduate conducting research in the Columbus laboratory, received an Harrison Undergraduate Research Award to fund her research project this summer. She is one of 35 UVA students selected to receive the award. Her research focuses on understanding the physical properties of detergents and that influence the solubilization, fold and function of […]

Columbus Lab Members Presents at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

Four graduate students attended the 2015 Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore on Febreuary 7-11. Jennifer Martin presented a platform talk entitled Insights into the Specificity of Neisserial Opa Protein Interactions with Human Receptors. Ashton Brock presented a poster entitled Systematic Perturbations of Micelle Properties to Investigate the Stabilization of Membrane Protein Structure and Function. […]

Isakson and Columbus receive Ivy Foundation Grant

The Ivy Foundation Biomedical Innovation Grants awarded Isakson and Columbus $80,000 in funding to develop novel anti-hypertensive therapeutics that target the hemoglobin alpha and eNOS interaction that they discovered. Read more about other awards at UVA Today