Steven Successfully Defends his PhD Thesis.

On June 17th, 2019, Steven Keller became Dr. Steven Keller. He successfully defended his thesis entitled “Endothelial Alpha Globin Controls Nitric Oxide Signaling”. Dr. Steven Keller was a joint student between Dr. Brant Isakson and Linda.

Columbus Lab lands an NIH Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award

We received an NIH MIRA to continue our research investigating the structure, dynamics, and function of bacterial pathogen membrane proteins that hijack cell function. NIH established this award “to increase the efficiency of NIGMS funding by providing investigators with greater stability and flexibility, thereby enhancing scientific productivity and the chances for important breakthroughs.” The grant […]

Jen will be an Assistant Professor at Stockton University

Starting August 2019, Dr. Jennifer Martin will be an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Stockton University. Dr. Martin has been working towards this goal since starting her PhD at UVA. At Stockton University, she will continue her research in membrane proteins and biochemistry of proteins function with undergraduate students. At UVA, she worked to develop […]