Brett Kroncke

Columbus L, Kroncke B.Solution NMR Structure Determination of Polytopic α-Helical Membrane Proteins: A Guide to Spin Label Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement Restraints. Methods in Enzymology 557: 329 – 348 (2015).

Research from the Columbus Lab featured on cover of JACS

Opa proteins are outer membrane proteins in Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae that have flexible extracelullar loops that interact with human receptors. This Opa-receptor interaction triggers the engulfment of the bacterium by human host cells. The cover shows several conformers of these loops extending from the Opa β-barrel which is embedded in a lipid bilayer.
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And highlighted in the JACS Spotlight.

Fox DA , Larsson P, Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Kasson PM, and Columbus L

Structure of the Neisserial Outer Membrane Protein Opa60: Loop Flexibility Essential to Receptor Recognition and Bacterial Engulfment. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 136:9938 – 9946 (2014).

And highlighted in JACS Spotlight.

Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Solomon TL, and Columbus L. Mapping Membrane Protein Backbone Dynamics: A Comparison of Site-Directed Spin Labeling with NMR 15N-Relaxation Measurements
Biophysical Journal. 107: 1697-702 (2014).

Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University

Brett Kroncke
PhD: Chemistry, University of Virginia (2012)
BS: Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007)
Brett worked with Dr. John Wright on ultrafast pulse recognition hardware and software design and implementation.

Brett was a Ph.D. graduate student in the Columbus lab.

Johnstone SR, Kroncke BM, Straub AC, Best AK, Dunn CA, Mitchell LA, Peskova Y, Nakamoto RK, Koval M, Lo CW, Lampe PD, Columbus L, Isakson BE. MAPK phosphorylation of connexin 43 promotes binding of cyclin E and smooth muscle cell proliferation. Circulation Research 111:201-211 (2012).

Kroncke B.M. and Columbus L. Identification and removal of nitroxide spin label contaminant: Impact on PRE studies of α-helical membrane proteins in detergent. Protein Science 21: 589–595 (2012).

Kroncke BM, Horanyi PS, and Columbus L. Structural origins of nitroxide side chain dynamics on membrane protein α-helical sites. Biochemistry 49:10045–10060 (2010)

Alison & Brett Graduate

On May 20th, 2012, Alison and Brett received their PhD degrees and were hooded by Linda.

Brett Kroncke successfully defended his thesis

On Wednesday April 11th, 2012, Brett Kroncke presented his thesis “Nitroxide Spin Label Motion on Helical Membrane Proteins”. His private defense followed and his committee approved his PhD degree with minor revisions to his written document. The lab and Brett’s thesis committee celebrated with champagne afterwards.

Brett presents his thesis research.

Let the celebrations begin!

The committee and the lab toast to Brett.

Dan Fox gives Brett a present (a Marshall original of the Rotunda) from the lab.

Brett socializes with the committee.

He doesn't look any different?

Kroncke and Columbus paper highlighted in Protein Science

Identification and removal of nitroxide spin label contaminant: Impact on PRE studies of α-helical membrane proteins in detergent published this month in Protein Science was highlighted “In This Issue” by the journal.

Brett receives 2011-2012 GSAS Dissertation Year Fellowship

Brett received one of the 20 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Dissertation Year Fellowships awarded this year. The fellowship includes a stipend for his final year of study in the laboratory. The awardees were selected first by their department and then by a college committee. Students are selected based on their academic performance, research accomplishments, and contributions to the university and scientific community.

Linda, Dan, and Brett attended Frontiers of NMR in Biology Keystone Symposium

Dan presented a poster entitled “NMR Backbone Assignment of Opa I: A mediator of host-Neisseria interactions” and Brett presented a poster entitled “Investigations towards improving solution NMR paramagnetic relaxation enhancement distance restraints for MTSSL labeled α-helical membrane proteins”. Both were invited to orally present poster previews and Dan received a travel award. The meeting was located in Big Sky, Montana and the snow was fantastic.lone-mountain.JPG2010_0119aa.JPGiceclimbing.jpg

Brett and Dan present posters at 39th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference

600.jpgBrett and Dan presented posters at the 39th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference (SEMRC) which was held at the University of Florida campus on October 22-24, 2010. The focus of the conference is on the exchange of ideas related to NMR-, EPR-, and MRI-based research as well as on the development of these techniques and new applications. Dan presented a poster entitled “Preparation and NMR backbone assignment of OpaI: A mediator of host Neisseria interactions”. Brett presented “Motional model of nitroxide spin label side chain dynamics on an α-helical membrane protein” and received a travel grant.

Brett presents at 2010 EPR Conference

Brett presented an invited talk entitled “Structural Origins of Nitroxide Side Chain Dynamics on Membrane Protein α‐Helical Sites” at the 14th In Vivo EPR Spectroscopy and Imaging and the 11th International EPR Spin Trapping/Spin Labeling.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students Present Posters at National Meetings

This last February and March,
Dan Fox presented his NMR studies of Opa proteins at the Frontiers in NMR Biology Keystone Symposium
Brett Kroncke (in photo) presented his EPR studies and Chris Reyes presented his Opa refolding and NMR studies at the 53rd Biophysical Society Meeting.
Thien Nguyen presented her mixed micelle refolding studies at the 2009 NIGMS Workshop: Enabling Technologies for Structural Biology.

Brett shares 1st place in 3rd year poster session

On April 1st, the third year chemistry graduate students presented their research at the annual poster event. Each year faculty judges award the top three poster presentations monetary awards. This year, Brett shared 1st place with Isabel Green and Joanna Webb received 2nd place. Brett and Isabel will give an oral presentation to the Department on April 27th, 2010.third_year1.jpg