Dan Fox

Research from the Columbus Lab featured on cover of JACS

Opa proteins are outer membrane proteins in Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae that have flexible extracelullar loops that interact with human receptors. This Opa-receptor interaction triggers the engulfment of the bacterium by human host cells. The cover shows several conformers of these loops extending from the Opa β-barrel which is embedded in a lipid bilayer.
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And highlighted in the JACS Spotlight.

Fox DA , Larsson P, Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Kasson PM, and Columbus L

Structure of the Neisserial Outer Membrane Protein Opa60: Loop Flexibility Essential to Receptor Recognition and Bacterial Engulfment. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 136:9938 – 9946 (2014).

And highlighted in JACS Spotlight.

Senior Analytical Chemist at Albemarle Corporation

PhD: Chemistry,University of Virginia (2013, Columbus Lab)
BS: Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh (2007)
Dan worked with Dr. David Pratt on rotationally resolved electronic spectroscopy and Dr. Megan Spence on solid state NMR of lipid bilayer systems.

Dan was a Ph.D. graduate student in the Columbus lab.

Fox DA and Columbus L. Solution NMR resonance assignment strategies for β-barrel membrane proteins. Protein Science. 22: 1133–1140 (2013).

Oliver RC, Lipfert J, Fox DA, Lo RH, Doniach S, Columbus L. Dependence of Micelle Size and Shape on Detergent Alkyl Chain Length and Head Group PLoS ONE. 8:e62488 (2013).

Fox and Columbus paper highlighted in Protein Science

Solution NMR resonance assignment strategies for β-barrel membrane proteins published this month in Protein Science was highlighted “In This Issue” by the journal.

Columbus L, Lipfert J, Jambunathan K, Fox DA, Sim AYL, Doniach S, and Lesley SA. Mixing and Matching Detergents for Membrane Protein NMR Structure Determination J. Am. Chem. Soc. 131:7320–7326 (2009)

Dan and Ryan honored at the 2012 Robert J. Huskey Research Exhibition

The Huskey Research Exhibition is an annual event which provides a forum for all graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Architecture to publicize their research. In addition, the event rewards students presenting superior research. The 12th Annual Huskey Research Exhibition occurred on March 21, 2012. This year, Dan Fox and Ryan Oliver received second place in the Physical Science and Mathematics Division. Ryan’s poster was titled “Investigating the relationship between physical properties of detergents and membrane protein structure determination” and Dan’s poster was entitled “NMR solution structure of Opa60: a Neisserial membrane protein that mediates host phagocytosis”.

Dan and Linda contribute to CIL’s Biomolecular NMR Product Catalog.

The new Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. Biomolecular NMR Product Catalog has pieces written by various NMR spectroscopists that utilize their isotopes. Dan adn Linda wrote a piece entitled “The role of deuterated detergents in NMR structure determination of membrane proteins” and is found on page 33.

Linda, Dan, and Brett attended Frontiers of NMR in Biology Keystone Symposium

Dan presented a poster entitled “NMR Backbone Assignment of Opa I: A mediator of host-Neisseria interactions” and Brett presented a poster entitled “Investigations towards improving solution NMR paramagnetic relaxation enhancement distance restraints for MTSSL labeled α-helical membrane proteins”. Both were invited to orally present poster previews and Dan received a travel award. The meeting was located in Big Sky, Montana and the snow was fantastic.lone-mountain.JPG2010_0119aa.JPGiceclimbing.jpg

Brett and Dan present posters at 39th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference

600.jpgBrett and Dan presented posters at the 39th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference (SEMRC) which was held at the University of Florida campus on October 22-24, 2010. The focus of the conference is on the exchange of ideas related to NMR-, EPR-, and MRI-based research as well as on the development of these techniques and new applications. Dan presented a poster entitled “Preparation and NMR backbone assignment of OpaI: A mediator of host Neisseria interactions”. Brett presented “Motional model of nitroxide spin label side chain dynamics on an α-helical membrane protein” and received a travel grant.

Dan wins an award at the 2010 Huskey Research Exhibition

Dan Fox received a Student Voted Top Poster in Physical Science and Mathematics for the poster he presented at the 2010 Huskey Research Exhibition.
The University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts & Sciences held the 10th Annual Robert J. Huskey Research Exhibition on April 5, 2010. Over 25 different academic programs within the Graduate School participated in oral, poster, and performance presentations. The 2010 Huskey Research Exhibition program this year featured over 110 presentations on cutting edge research in various fields.Dan poster

Alison and Dan present at the Biophysical Society’s 54th Annual Meeting

SFAlison and Dan present at the Biophysical Society’s 54th Annual Meeting at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, February 20-24, 2010. Dan presented a poster on the NMR structure determination of OpaI and Alison presented a talk on the molecular determinants of the spontaneous refolding of OpaI in lipid vesicles.

UVA Chemistry Colleague and Chair, David Cafiso, received a Fellow of the Biophysical Society award. danf_cafiso2.jpg

Dan presents at the SCBB Biophysics Retreat

On January 15th, Dan Fox was invited to give a talk at the UVA Structural & Computational Biology and Biophysics Biophysics Program Retreat. He presented his progress towards the NMR structure determination of OpaI

Graduate and Undergraduate Students Present Posters at National Meetings

This last February and March,
Dan Fox presented his NMR studies of Opa proteins at the Frontiers in NMR Biology Keystone Symposium
Brett Kroncke (in photo) presented his EPR studies and Chris Reyes presented his Opa refolding and NMR studies at the 53rd Biophysical Society Meeting.
Thien Nguyen presented her mixed micelle refolding studies at the 2009 NIGMS Workshop: Enabling Technologies for Structural Biology.