Jackie Hodges

Dewald AH, Hodges JC, Columbus L. Physical Determinants of β-Barrel Membrane Protein Folding in Lipid Vesicles. Biophysical Journal 100:2131 – 2140 (2011).

Resident at UVA

BS Chemistry major with biochemistry focus
MD Tufts University
Jackie was an undergraduate researcher in the Columbus lab.

Jackie, Sarah, and Golda present and defend their honor theses

Jackie, Sarah, and Golda participated in the Department Distinguished Major Program and gradauted with distinction.
First, on April 21st they presented their research.

Then in the following two weeks they defended their honors thesis.

Alison and Jackie’s paper #15 of the “Top 25 Hottest Articles” in Biophysical Journal

According to Science Direct, from April to June 2011

Physical Determinants of Beta-Barrel Membrane Protein Folding in Lipid Vesicles
Biophysical Journal, Volume 100, Issue 9, May 2011, Pages 2131-2140
Dewald, Alison H.; Hodges, Jacqueline C.; Columbus, L.

is 15th in the “Top 25 Hottest Articles” of Biophysical Journal.

Jackie recieves CSS and nanoSTAR research funds

Jackie (3rd year chemistry major at UVA) received a stipend from the College Science Scholar Program and the nanoSTAR Undergraduate Summer Research Fund to continue her studies on determining the binding interactions between Opa proteins and the human cognate receptors.

Jackie receive a Harrison Award

Jackie was one of twenty-four University of Virginia undergraduates that received Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards for independent research this summer. Her research focuses on quantifying the interaction between an Opa protein from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and the human heparan sulfate proteoglycan receptor in vitro using heparin, a known competitive inhibitor of the interaction.
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Alison and Jackie receive a UVA Double Hoo Fellowship

The University of Virginia has awarded eight “Double-’Hoo” research awards, which fund pairings of undergraduate and graduate students who collaborate on research projects. Each project is awarded up to $5,000 toward research expenses, as well as an additional $500 for the faculty mentor overseeing the project. Jackie, a second-year chemistry-biochemistry major, and Alison, a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry, will study proteins found in the outer membrane of bacterial pathogens to understand how these proteins infect and colonize human cells.
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Jackie receives College Science Scholar Stipend

Jackie (1st year at UVA) will join the Columbus Lab this summer to begin research on the reconstitution of Opa protiens into lipid vesicles. She received a stipend from the College Science Scholar Program.