Justin Kim

Resident at Wake Forest

Justin KimBSChemistry, University of Virginia (2011)
MD University of Virginia (2015)
As an undergraduate in the laboratory, Justin worked on the expression and purification of the outer membrane protein A (OmpA) from N. meningitidis. Side chain dynamics of OmpA were interrogated using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy.
In his first summer of Medical School, Justin participated in the Medical Student Summer Research Program, and investigated the conformation of nitroxide side chains on membrane proteins, specifically LeuT, using X-ray crystallography.

Justin and Golda receive Bass Scholarship

The UVA Chemistry Bass Scholarship provides $2,000 to chemistry majors performing scientific research with a professor in the department.

Justin Kim receives a summer research grant from the college

The College of Arts & Science awarded Justin a grant to conduct research in the Columbus lab for the summer. He will continue his work on the physical properties of detergent mixtures.

Justin Receives Undergraduate Research Award

The Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards Program, administered by the Faculty Senate, funds outstanding undergraduate research projects in the spring and/or summer for current second and third-year undergraduate students. (more…)