Ryan Lo

Research from the Columbus Lab featured on cover of JACS

Opa proteins are outer membrane proteins in Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae that have flexible extracelullar loops that interact with human receptors. This Opa-receptor interaction triggers the engulfment of the bacterium by human host cells. The cover shows several conformers of these loops extending from the Opa β-barrel which is embedded in a lipid bilayer.
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And highlighted in the JACS Spotlight.

Fox DA , Larsson P, Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Kasson PM, and Columbus L

Structure of the Neisserial Outer Membrane Protein Opa60: Loop Flexibility Essential to Receptor Recognition and Bacterial Engulfment. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 136:9938 – 9946 (2014).

And highlighted in JACS Spotlight.

Ryan Lo and Ryan Oliver are now Dr. Lo and Dr. Oliver

On May 18, 2014, Ryan Oliver and Ryan Lo received their PhD at the Chemistry Graduation Ceremony.

They successfully defended their theses earlier in the Spring semester. Dr. Ryan Lo’s thesis entitled “Spectroscopic Studies of Membrane Protein Structure, Dynamics, and Function” focused on investigations of Opa proteins involved in the engulfment of Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
Dr. Ryan Oliver’s thesis entitled “Structural determination of membrane mimics using small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering” focused on determining the properties of detergents that are important in stabilizing membrane proteins for structural and functional studies.

Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Solomon TL, and Columbus L. Mapping Membrane Protein Backbone Dynamics: A Comparison of Site-Directed Spin Labeling with NMR 15N-Relaxation Measurements
Biophysical Journal. 107: 1697-702 (2014).

Principal Scientist I at Agilux Laboratories, a Charles River Company

BA: Chemistry, Franklin and Marshall College (2009)
Ryan worked with Dr. Rick Moog on determining the Kamlet-Taft solvent parameters for various micellar environments.

Ryan was a Ph.D. graduate student in the Columbus lab.

Ashton Brock and Ryan Lo present at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

Linda, Ryan, and Ashton attended the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Francisco on February 15 – 19, 2014

Ryan presented a poster entitled “Structure, dynamics and receptor binding of Opa proteins” on Monday afternoons poster session.

Ashton presented a platform talk entitled “Influence of detergent properties on the solubilization and purification of membrane proteins” on Monday morning. Ashton also received a travel award from the Biophysical Society to attend the meeting.

Kenwood BM, Weaver JL, Bajwa A, Poon IK, Byrne FL, Murrow BA, Calderone JA, Huang L, Divakaruni AS, Tomisg JL Okabe K, Lo RH, Coleman GC, Columbus L, Yan Z, Saucrman JJ, Smith JS, Homes JW, Lynch KR, Ravichandran KS, Uchiyama S, Santos WL, Rogers GW, Okusa MD, Bayliss DA, Hoehn KL. Identification of a novel mitochondrial uncoupler that does not depolarize the plasma membrane. Molecular Metabolism. 3:114 – 123 (2014).

Oliver RC, Lipfert J, Fox DA, Lo RH, Doniach S, Columbus L. Dependence of Micelle Size and Shape on Detergent Alkyl Chain Length and Head Group PLoS ONE. 8:e62488 (2013).

Ryan, Ryan, and Linda attend the FASEB Conference: Molecular Biophysics of Membranes in Snowmass, CO

This years FASEB Conference: Molecular Biophysics of Membranes was in Snowmass, CO and The University of Virgina was well represented with the Kasson, Tamm, Wiener, and Columbus laboratories represented. Ryan Oliver and Ryan Lo presented posters entitled “Modulating the physical properties of micelles using binary detergent mixtures for future membrane protein investigations” and “Effects of detergent, ionic strength, and temperature on the quality of β-barrel membrane protein NMR spectra”, respectively. Ryan Lo’s poster earned him an NSF Travel Award. The conference program was intense, but we managed some time for hiking.
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Ryan Oliver and Linda
Ryan Lo and Ryan Oliver
Ryan O says the water is pretty cold.

Ryan Lo presents his 3rd year poster.

On April 12th, the third year chemistry graduate students presented their research at the annual poster event. Ryan Lo presented his poster entitled “Effects of detergent, ionic strength, and temperature on the quality of beta-barrel membrane protein NMR spectra”

Ryan Lo presents his 3rd year poster.

Ryan, Ryan, and Linda attend the MidAtlantic BioSAXS Workshop

This April, Ryan Oliver, Ryan Lo, and Linda attended the Rigaku and UNC Chapel Hill sponsored MidAtlantic BioSAXS Workshop. The day-long workshop focused on the latest developments in BioSAXS technologies and applications.