Sarah Elkin

Elkin SR, Kumar A, Price CW, Columbus L. A broad specificity nucleoside kinase from Thermoplasma acidophilum. Proteins. 81:568-82 (2013).

Graduate school at UT Southwestern

Sarah Elkin
Chemistry major with biochemistry focus
Distinguished Major Program

Sarah was an undergraduate researcher that worked on characterizing the function of the protein 10640157 from the thermophilic bacterium Thermoplasma acidophilum. Based on the protein’s structure, it was putatively identified as a ribokinase. However, her research has shown that there is no evidence to support ribokinase activity. Instead, the protein 10640157 appears to use adenosine as substrate rather than ribose. She is currently investigating additional substrates and optimizing solution conditions to quantify the kinetic parameters of 10640157 activity.

Jackie, Sarah, and Golda present and defend their honor theses

Jackie, Sarah, and Golda participated in the Department Distinguished Major Program and gradauted with distinction.
First, on April 21st they presented their research.

Then in the following two weeks they defended their honors thesis.

Golda and Sarah receive Bass Scholarships for Summer Research

Golda Harris (3rd year) and Sarah Elkin (3rd year) received Chemistry Department Bass Scholarships to support their summer research. Golda works on determining the mechanism of a putative glucose-6-phosphate isomerization using NMR spectroscopy and Sarah is focusing on the substrate specificity of a nucleoside kinase.