Shelby Lipes

Shelby Lipes receives an Harrison Undergraduate Research Award

Shelby, a 3rd year undergraduate conducting research in the Columbus laboratory, received an Harrison Undergraduate Research Award to fund her research project this summer. She is one of 35 UVA students selected to receive the award. Her research focuses on understanding the physical properties of detergents and that influence the solubilization, fold and function of membrane proteins.
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Nana, Shelby, Jessica, and Sebastien Receive Undergraduate Summer Fellowships

All four undergraduates in the Columbus Laboratory received 2014 Summer Research Fellowships. Nana and Shelby received a Bass Scholarship from the Chemistry Department. Sebastien received a a 2014 nanoSTAR Undergraduate Summer Research Award. Jessica Yoo received a a 2014 CSS Summer Research Stipend.

Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins

BS Chemistry with specialization in biochemistry, University of Virginia (2016)

Shelby was an undergraduate researcher in the Columbus lab.