Thien Nguyen

Graduate student at the University of California, San Diego.

Thien NguyenBS Chemistry and Biology

Thien was an undergraduate researcher in the Columbus lab.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students Present Posters at National Meetings

This last February and March,
Dan Fox presented his NMR studies of Opa proteins at the Frontiers in NMR Biology Keystone Symposium
Brett Kroncke (in photo) presented his EPR studies and Chris Reyes presented his Opa refolding and NMR studies at the 53rd Biophysical Society Meeting.
Thien Nguyen presented her mixed micelle refolding studies at the 2009 NIGMS Workshop: Enabling Technologies for Structural Biology.

Village School Visits the Lab

The 8th grade class of Kim Taylor visited on November 13, 2008 for an introduction to a research laboratory. The visit included two chemistry demonstrations (elephant’s toothpaste and molecular clock) and a tour of the laboratory by two graduate students Alison Dewald and Celine Griot, interactive molecular graphics by undergraduate Thien Nguyen and Prof. Columbus, and liquid nitrogen ice cream by Iza Bielnicka and Prof. Columbus.

Undergraduates receive summer research awards

Thien Nguyen (Bass Scholarship), Rita Digrazia (Bass Scholarship), and Ashley Keller (Departement Fellowship) received awards to conduct research this summer.

Thien Nguyen and Christopher Reyes receive poster prize

Thien and Chris presented a poster titled “Cloning, expression and purification of Opa proteins from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and a human CEACAM binding partner” at the ACS meeting hosted at UVA on April 18th. They received 4th place in the poster competition with a monetary value of $50.