Tsega Solomon

Graduate Student in the Chemistry Department at the University of Maryland, College Park

Tsiga Solomon
Laboratory Specialist Chemistry, University of Virginia (2012-2014, Columbus Lab)
BS: Chemistry, University of Virginia (2012)

Tsiga’s research aims to further elucidate nixtroxide spin label dynamics at solvent exposed sites on α-helical membrane proteins. This project follows on the heels of a paper published by the lab (Biochemistry 49:10045–10060 (2010)) in which a model for nitroxide motion in an aliphatic environment was proposed. Tsiga will be extending this project to encompass a greater diversity of sites on α-helical membrane proteins using multiple nitroxide side chains, EPR linewidth simulations and X-ray crystallography on a model system α-helical membrane protein, LeuT.

Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Solomon TL, and Columbus L. Mapping Membrane Protein Backbone Dynamics: A Comparison of Site-Directed Spin Labeling with NMR 15N-Relaxation Measurements
Biophysical Journal. 107: 1697-702 (2014).

Tsega receives 2014 Dolphus E. Milligan Fellowship

Tsega was accepted into the University of Maryland, College Park Chemistry and Biochemistry PhD program. She received the 2014 Dolphus E. Milligan Fellowship Award through a competitive process that included a 30 minute oral presentation. The award includes a two-year research assistant fellowship and a summer internship at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).