Brett Kroncke successfully defended his thesis

On Wednesday April 11th, 2012, Brett Kroncke presented his thesis “Nitroxide Spin Label Motion on Helical Membrane Proteins”. His private defense followed and his committee approved his PhD degree with minor revisions to his written document. The lab and Brett’s thesis committee celebrated with champagne afterwards.

Dan and Ryan honored at the 2012 Robert J. Huskey Research Exhibition

The Huskey Research Exhibition is an annual event which provides a forum for all graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Architecture to publicize their research. In addition, the event rewards students presenting superior research. The 12th Annual Huskey Research Exhibition occurred on March 21, 2012. This year, […]

Kroncke and Columbus paper highlighted in Protein Science

Identification and removal of nitroxide spin label contaminant: Impact on PRE studies of α-helical membrane proteins in detergent published this month in Protein Science was highlighted “In This Issue” by the journal.

The Columbus Laboratory moved to the new Physical Life Science Building

The Columbus laboratory moved to beautiful new space on January 3, 2012. Here are some pictures of the new space.

Two graduate students and an undergraduate join the lab

This semester Jennifer Martin and Ashton Brock joined the laboratory as first-year graduate students. Jen’s research focuses on Opa proteins and Ashton’s research investigates the effects of detergents on the structure and function of membrane proteins. Undergraduate Elleansar Okwei also joined the lab and is working with Dr. Carol price on determining the function of […]

Alison and Jackie’s paper #15 of the “Top 25 Hottest Articles” in Biophysical Journal

According to Science Direct, from April to June 2011 Physical Determinants of Beta-Barrel Membrane Protein Folding in Lipid Vesicles Biophysical Journal, Volume 100, Issue 9, May 2011, Pages 2131-2140 Dewald, Alison H.; Hodges, Jacqueline C.; Columbus, L. is 15th in the “Top 25 Hottest Articles” of Biophysical Journal.

Justin and Ashley graduate with highest distinction and awards

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, Ashley Keller and Justin Kim graduated with a B.S. degree in Chemistry with a Biochemistry focus. They both participated in the Chemistry Department’s Distinguished Major Program and graduated with highest honors for their research and academic performances. In addition, Ashley was awarded the Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Award and Justin […]

Brett receives 2011-2012 GSAS Dissertation Year Fellowship

Brett received one of the 20 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Dissertation Year Fellowships awarded this year. The fellowship includes a stipend for his final year of study in the laboratory. The awardees were selected first by their department and then by a college committee. Students are selected based on their academic performance, research […]

Golda and Sarah receive Bass Scholarships for Summer Research

Golda Harris (3rd year) and Sarah Elkin (3rd year) received Chemistry Department Bass Scholarships to support their summer research. Golda works on determining the mechanism of a putative glucose-6-phosphate isomerization using NMR spectroscopy and Sarah is focusing on the substrate specificity of a nucleoside kinase.

Dan and Linda contribute to CIL’s Biomolecular NMR Product Catalog.

The new Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. Biomolecular NMR Product Catalog has pieces written by various NMR spectroscopists that utilize their isotopes. Dan adn Linda wrote a piece entitled “The role of deuterated detergents in NMR structure determination of membrane proteins” and is found on page 33.

Jackie recieves CSS and nanoSTAR research funds

Jackie (3rd year chemistry major at UVA) received a stipend from the College Science Scholar Program and the nanoSTAR Undergraduate Summer Research Fund to continue her studies on determining the binding interactions between Opa proteins and the human cognate receptors.

Ryan, Ryan, and Linda attend the MidAtlantic BioSAXS Workshop

This April, Ryan Oliver, Ryan Lo, and Linda attended the Rigaku and UNC Chapel Hill sponsored MidAtlantic BioSAXS Workshop. The day-long workshop focused on the latest developments in BioSAXS technologies and applications.

55th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

Nine Columbus Lab members attended the 55th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in Baltimore on March 5 – 9, 2011. Six posters were presented by five graduate and three undergraduate students. On Sunday, Justin Kim and Brett Kroncke presented a poster entitled “Nitroxide Spin Label Side Chain Dynamics of Solvent Exposed Sites on Membrane […]

Linda receives a 2010 Cottrell Scholar Award

The Cottrell Scholar Award (awarded by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement) supports the Columbus lab’s research on the structure and dynamics of bacterial outer membrane proteins and their interactions with host receptors. Specifically, the proposal focuses on the outer membrane opacity-associated (Opa) proteins from Neisseria, which induce engulfment of the bacterium in non-phagocytic cells […]

Columbus and Criss Colaboration an Inaugural Poster Finalists

As part of her inauguration celebration this April, President Sullivan recognized research and scholarship with a Pan-University Poster Competition which highlighted high-impact and innovative growth areas for U.Va. research. Our research poster on Opa-liposomes (a collaboration with the Criss laboratory) was chosen as one of the five finalists in the “Biosciences and Health” category, which […]

Linda, Dan, and Brett attended Frontiers of NMR in Biology Keystone Symposium

Dan presented a poster entitled “NMR Backbone Assignment of Opa I: A mediator of host-Neisseria interactions” and Brett presented a poster entitled “Investigations towards improving solution NMR paramagnetic relaxation enhancement distance restraints for MTSSL labeled α-helical membrane proteins”. Both were invited to orally present poster previews and Dan received a travel award. The meeting was […]

Brett and Dan present posters at 39th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference

Brett and Dan presented posters at the 39th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference (SEMRC) which was held at the University of Florida campus on October 22-24, 2010. The focus of the conference is on the exchange of ideas related to NMR-, EPR-, and MRI-based research as well as on the development of these techniques and new […]

Columbus and Criss labs receive UVA nanoSTAR seed funds

UVA nanoSTAR Institute awarded $30,000 to the Columbus and Criss laboratories to facilitate a collaboration aimed at targeting liposomes cell specifically. The nanoSTAR seed projects fund is contributed to by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of […]

Justin and Golda receive Bass Scholarship

The UVA Chemistry Bass Scholarship provides $2,000 to chemistry majors performing scientific research with a professor in the department.

Brett presents at 2010 EPR Conference

Brett presented an invited talk entitled “Structural Origins of Nitroxide Side Chain Dynamics on Membrane Protein α‐Helical Sites” at the 14th In Vivo EPR Spectroscopy and Imaging and the 11th International EPR Spin Trapping/Spin Labeling.

Dan wins an award at the 2010 Huskey Research Exhibition

Dan Fox received a Student Voted Top Poster in Physical Science and Mathematics for the poster he presented at the 2010 Huskey Research Exhibition. The University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts & Sciences held the 10th Annual Robert J. Huskey Research Exhibition on April 5, 2010. Over 25 different academic programs within the Graduate […]

Alison and Dan present at the Biophysical Society’s 54th Annual Meeting

Alison and Dan present at the Biophysical Society’s 54th Annual Meeting at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, February 20-24, 2010. Dan presented a poster on the NMR structure determination of OpaI and Alison presented a talk on the molecular determinants of the spontaneous refolding of OpaI in lipid vesicles. UVA Chemistry Colleague […]

Dan presents at the SCBB Biophysics Retreat

On January 15th, Dan Fox was invited to give a talk at the UVA Structural & Computational Biology and Biophysics Biophysics Program Retreat. He presented his progress towards the NMR structure determination of OpaI

Columbus Lab receives NSF CAREER Award

CAREER: The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious awards in support of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization. Such activities should build a firm foundation for […]

Graduate and Undergraduate Students Present Posters at National Meetings

This last February and March, Dan Fox presented his NMR studies of Opa proteins at the Frontiers in NMR Biology Keystone Symposium Brett Kroncke (in photo) presented his EPR studies and Chris Reyes presented his Opa refolding and NMR studies at the 53rd Biophysical Society Meeting. Thien Nguyen presented her mixed micelle refolding studies at […]

Rita is accepted into the Teach for America Program

Teach for America started in 1990 with Wendy Kopp’s senior thesis at Princeton University. She raised $2.5 million and hired 500 teachers in six low-income communities. Now, Teach for america has 20,000 teachers and Rita will be one next year.

First NIH Grant

The Columbus Lab received their first NIH RO1 grant.

Village School Visits the Lab

The 8th grade class of Kim Taylor visited on November 13, 2008 for an introduction to a research laboratory. The visit included two chemistry demonstrations (elephant’s toothpaste and molecular clock) and a tour of the laboratory by two graduate students Alison Dewald and Celine Griot, interactive molecular graphics by undergraduate Thien Nguyen and Prof. Columbus, […]

Prof. Columbus, an honored Mead faculty

Each year the Mead Endowment invites about a dozen faculty members to become a members of the Mead Honored Faculty. The participants are handpicked by their Deans for their outstanding potential to become a friend of students and an example for other faculty. Article in the Cavalier Daily Mead Endowment Website UVA Today article

Undergraduates receive summer research awards

Thien Nguyen (Bass Scholarship), Rita Digrazia (Bass Scholarship), and Ashley Keller (Departement Fellowship) received awards to conduct research this summer.

Justin Kim receives a summer research grant from the college

The College of Arts & Science awarded Justin a grant to conduct research in the Columbus lab for the summer. He will continue his work on the physical properties of detergent mixtures.

Jackie receive a Harrison Award

Jackie was one of twenty-four University of Virginia undergraduates that received Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards for independent research this summer. Her research focuses on quantifying the interaction between an Opa protein from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and the human heparan sulfate proteoglycan receptor in vitro using heparin, a known competitive inhibitor of the interaction. Read more…

Alison presents poster at FASEB Summer Research Conference

Alison presented a poster entitled “Physical determinants of outer membrane Opacity-associated protein folding in lipid vesicles” this August at the Molecular Biophysics of Cellular Membranes FASEB Summer Research Conference. Alison on a hike in the White Mountains of Vermont. Alison and Linda on the same hike.

Columbus Lab’s work highlighted in APS Science

APS Science features articles on Advanced Photon Source research and engineering highlights that are written for the interested public as well as the synchrotron x-ray, engineering, and broader scientific communities; potential facility users; and funding agencies. This years report includes the Columbus Lab’s work on mixed micelles and protein-detergent complexes (p. 40).

Ashley publishes in The Spectra

Ashley Keller published her work on the expression and purification of IncA in the University of Virginia engineering and science research journal “The Spectrum“.

Alison and Jackie receive a UVA Double Hoo Fellowship

The University of Virginia has awarded eight “Double-’Hoo” research awards, which fund pairings of undergraduate and graduate students who collaborate on research projects. Each project is awarded up to $5,000 toward research expenses, as well as an additional $500 for the faculty mentor overseeing the project. Jackie, a second-year chemistry-biochemistry major, and Alison, a fourth-year […]

Brett shares 1st place in 3rd year poster session

On April 1st, the third year chemistry graduate students presented their research at the annual poster event. Each year faculty judges award the top three poster presentations monetary awards. This year, Brett shared 1st place with Isabel Green and Joanna Webb received 2nd place. Brett and Isabel will give an oral presentation to the Department […]

Ashely Keller receives the Harrison Undergraduate Research Award

The Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards Program, administered by the Faculty Senate, funds outstanding undergraduate research projects in the spring and/or summer for current second and third-year undergraduate students. Ashley received her award to continue her successful work on Inc proteins (IncA) of Chlamydia trachomatis. Forty awards of up to $3,000 each are granted on a […]

Lab Featured on UVA Today

Linda Columbus Investigates Cell Membranes With Large New Grants

Alison receives travel award

Alison received a Biophysical Society 2010 Student Travel Award and was chosen for a platform talk”The Spontaneous Refolding of Opacity-Associated Proteins into Lipid Membranes” at the 54th annual meeting in February

Alison shares second place in 3rd year poster competition

Alison’s poster entitled “Opa Proteins of Neisseria: Liposome Reconstitution and Interactions with a Human CEACAM Receptor” shared second place in the Departmental 3rd year poster award. She receives a monetary award and presented her research to the department on April 24th.

Jackie receives College Science Scholar Stipend

Jackie (1st year at UVA) will join the Columbus Lab this summer to begin research on the reconstitution of Opa protiens into lipid vesicles. She received a stipend from the College Science Scholar Program.

Justin Receives Undergraduate Research Award

The Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards Program, administered by the Faculty Senate, funds outstanding undergraduate research projects in the spring and/or summer for current second and third-year undergraduate students.

800 MHz NMR spectometer installed.

On May 13th, the 800 MHz NMR spectrometer with cryoprobe was delivered. Pictures of the installation can be found here.

Thien Nguyen and Christopher Reyes receive poster prize

Thien and Chris presented a poster titled “Cloning, expression and purification of Opa proteins from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and a human CEACAM binding partner” at the ACS meeting hosted at UVA on April 18th. They received 4th place in the poster competition with a monetary value of $50.