55th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

Nine Columbus Lab members attended the 55th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society Brett and Justin present at the Biophysical Societyin Baltimore on March 5 – 9, 2011. Six posters were presented by five graduate and three undergraduate students. On Sunday, Justin Kim and Brett Kroncke presented a poster entitled “Nitroxide Spin Label Side Chain Dynamics of Solvent Exposed Sites on Membrane Proteins.

Four posters were presented on Tuesday in the Membrane Protein Structure II session.

Ryan Lo presents his poster.Ryan Lo presented “Investigation of the Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Opacity Associated Membrane Prpotein A Structure, Dynamics, and Host-receptor Interactions”

Ryan Oliver presented “Investigating the Relationship between Physical Properties of Detergents and Membrane Protein Structure Determination”Ryan Oliver presents his poster.

Ashley Keller presented “Structural Investigations of Inclusion Membrane Protein A (IncA) of Chlamydia thrachomatis
Ashley presents her poster.

and Dan Fox presented “NMR Backbone Assignment of OpaI: A Mediator of Host-Neisseria Interactions”
Dan presents his poster.

Jackie Hodges and Alison Dewald presented in the Membrane Protein Functions poster session on Wednesday. Their poster was entitled “The Characterization of the Binding of Opacity-associated Proteins to Human Host Cell Receptors” Jackie presents her poster.

The Columbus Lab Undergraduates at the Meeting: Ashley, Jackie, and Justin (from left to right).
Columbus Lab Undergradautes

What else do we do at the Biophysical Society?
Have fun – Dan and Brett are smiling about something.
Fun times.

and see other membrane protein fans – Alison is chatting with Heather Findlay, a colleague from the Booth laboratory.
Heather and Alison