Columbus Lab Members Present at the 60th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting

Five graduate students from the Columbus Laboratory attended and presented at the 60th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in Los Angeles on February 27th to March 2nd, 2016.

Ashton Brock presented a poster entitled “Micelles and Bicelles as Membrane Mimics for Membrane Protein Characterization” with collaborators Svetlana Baoukina and Peter Tieleman.


Steven Keller presented a poster entitled “Molecular Competitors of the Alpha Globin/eNOS Interaction” a collaboration with Brant Isakson.

2016-02-29 16.07.35

Marissa Kieber presented a poster entitled “Neisserial Opa Protein Loop Dynamics and Mechanism of Interaction with Host CEACAM Receptors” with collaborators Jennifer Hayes and Peter Kasson.


Jason Kuhn presented a poster entitled “Targeting Liposomes for Uptake into CEACAM-Expressing Human Cells using a Bacterial Membrane Protein” a collaboration with Asya Smirnov and Alison Criss.

2016-02-28 14.35.59

Jen Martin presented a poster entitled “Molecular Determinants of Neissserial Opa Protein Interactions with CEACAM Receptors” a collaboration with Louise Ball and Alison Criss.