Brett Kroncke

Postdoctoral Fellow in Chuck Sanders Laboratory at the Vanderbilt University

Brett Kroncke
PhD: Chemistry, University of Virginia (2012)
BS: Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007)
Brett worked with Dr. John Wright on ultrafast pulse recognition hardware and software design and implementation.

Brett aims to use quantitative information obtained from EPR spectra to improve structure and dynamics determination for α-helical membrane proteins. His work investigating the structure and dynamics of spin labels on a model membrane protein, LeuT, has provided a quantitative understanding of the EPR lineshape of detergent/lipid exposed nitroxides. Currently he is working with a model protein, TM0026, to assess the degree to which this understanding can improve paramagnetic relaxation enhancement (PRE) derived nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) α-helical membrane protein structure determination.