Dan Fox

Senior Analytical Chemist at Albemarle Corporation

PhD: Chemistry,University of Virginia (2013, Columbus Lab)
BS: Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh (2007)
Dan worked with Dr. David Pratt on rotationally resolved electronic spectroscopy and Dr. Megan Spence on solid state NMR of lipid bilayer systems.

Dan’s research aims to determine the binding mechanism of opacity associated (Opa) proteins located in the membrane of Neisseria bacteria. These proteins bind to human host receptors, CEACAM and heparin sulfate proteoglycan, and induce phagocytosis of the bacteria. He will be using various nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments and isotope labeling techniques to calculate a three dimension structure of OpaI reconstituted in detergent micelles. From there he will map out the interaction between CEACAM1 and Opa.