Ryan Oliver

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biological Small-Angle Scattering of the Neutron Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratories

MS: Chemistry, University of N. Carolina at Charlotte (2010)
BS: Chemistry, University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill (2005)
Ryan worked with Dr. Joanna Krueger at UNC-Charlotte studying structures of protein complexes in solution using small-angle x-ray and neutron scattering.

Ryan is studying the physical determinants of membrane protein structure and dynamics. Detergent micelles are typically employed to solubilize and stabilize membrane proteins in a protein-detergent complex (PDC). Properties such as the matching of the hydrophobic dimensions between detergent micelle and membrane protein are key factors in stabilizing the protein’s fold, but a molecular understanding of protein-detergent interactions that stabilize a membrane protein fold is unknown. Ryan aims to investigate the geometry, structure, and dynamics of PDCs using biophysical methods such as NMR, EPR, and SAXS.

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