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Selected Publications

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Structural basis of peptidoglycan synthesis by E. coli RodA-PBP2 complex.

Nygaard R, Graham CLB, Belcher Dufrisne M, Colburn JD, Pepe J, Hydorn MA, Corradi S, Brown CM, Ashraf KU, Vickery ON, Briggs NS, Deering JJ, Kloss B, Botta B, Clarke OB, Columbus L, Dworkin J, Stansfeld PJ, Roper DI, Mancia F.

Solution NMR investigations of integral membrane proteins: Challenges and innovations

Necelis M, McDermott C, Belcher Dufrisne M, Baryiames C, Columbus L

Neisseria gonorrhoeae co-opts C4b-binding protein to enhance complement-independent survival from neutrophils.

Werner LM, Alcott A, Mohlin F, Ray JC, Belcher Dufrisne M, Smirnov A, Columbus L, Blom AM, Criss AK.

Endothelial alpha globin is a nitrite reductase.

Keller TCS 4th, Lechauve C, Keller AS, Broseghini-Filho GB, Butcher JT, Askew Page HR, Islam A, Tan ZY, DeLalio LJ, Brooks S, Sharma P, Hong K, Xu W, Padilha AS, Ruddiman CA, Best AK, Macal E, Kim-Shapiro DB, Christ G, Yan Z, Cortese-Krott MM, Ricart K, Patel R, Bender TP, Sonkusare SK, Weiss MJ, Ackerman H, Columbus L, Isakson BE.

Site-to-site cross-talk in OST-B glycosylation of hCEACAM1-IgV.

Williams RV, Huang C, McDermott C, Ahmed T, Columbus L, Moremen KW, Prestegard JH, Amster IJ.

Conformational dynamics of the membrane enzyme LspA upon antibiotic and substrate binding.
Variable Expression of Opa Proteins by Neisseria gonorrhoeae Influences Bacterial Association and Phagocytic Killing by Human Neutrophils.

Alcott AM, Werner LM, Baiocco CM, Belcher Dufrisne M, Columbus L, Criss AK.

TM1385 from Thermotoga maritima functions as a phosphoglucose isomerase via cis-enediol-based mechanism with active site redundancy.
Imaging flow cytometry analysis of CEACAM binding to Opa-expressing Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Werner LM*, Palmer A*, Smirnov A, Belcher-Dufrisne M, Columbus L, Criss AK

Cytometry: Part A. 97:1081-1089. (2020). PMC8062897

CEACAM targeted liposome delivery

Kuhn J, Smirnov A, Criss AK, Columbus L

Molecular Pharmaceutics. 16:2354 - 2363 (2019). PMC6740330

Heterocellular contact can dictate arterial function.

Shu XH, Ruddiman CA, Keller TCS, Keller AS, Yang Y, Good ME, Columbus L, Best AK, and Isakson BE.

Circulation Research. 124: 1473 – 1481 (2019). PMC6540980

The fluidity of phosphocholine and maltoside micelles and the effect of CHAPS.

Kieber M, Ono T, Oliver RC, Nyenhuis, SB, Ashtari M, Tieleman DP, Columbus L

Biophysical Journal. 116:1682 – 1691 (2019). PMC6506624

Refinement of highly flexible protein structures using simulation-guided spectroscopy.

Hays JM, Kieber MK, Li JZ, Han JI, Columbus L, Kasson PM.

Angnewandte Chemistry. 57:17110 – 17114 (2018). PMC6424112  

Low q bicelles are mixed micelles.

Caldwell T*, Baoukina S*, Brock A, Oliver RC, Glover KJ, Tieleman DP, Columbus L

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 9:4469 – 4473 (2018). PMC6353637

A novel conformation of the polypeptide-binding pocket supports an active substrate release from Hsp70s.

Yang J, Zong Y, Su J, Li H, Zhu H, Columbus L, Zhou L, and Liu Q.

Nature Communications 8:1201 – 1214 (2017). PMC5662698

Neisserial Opa protein – CEACAM interactions: competition for receptors as a means for bacterial invasion and pathogenesis.

Martin J, Ball L, Solomom T, Criss A, Columbus L.

Biochemistry 55: 4286 – 4294 (2016). PMC4980159

Modulating vascular hemodynamics with an alpha globin mimetic peptide (HbαX)

Keller TC, Butcher JT, Marziano C, Martin JN, Rogers S, Broseghini-Filho GB, Cabot M, Sgu X, Ning B, Best AK, Padilha AS, Purdy M, Yeager M, Peirce SM, Hu S, Doctor A, Barrett E, Le TH, Columbus L, Isakson BE.

Hypertension 68:1494 – 1503 (2016). PMC5159279

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase in the microcirculation.

Shu X*, Keller TC*, Begandt D, Butcher JT, Biwer L, Keller AS, Columbus L, Isakson BE. 

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences.  72:4561 – 4575 (2015). PMC4628887

Known Structure, Unknown Function: An Inquiry-based Undergraduate Biochemistry Lab Course. 

Gray C, Price CW, Lee C, Dewald A, Cline MA, McAnany CE, Columbus L, Mura C.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. 43:245 – 262 (2015). PMC4758391

Post-expression strategies for structural investigations of membrane proteins.

Columbus L.

Opinion in Structural Biology. 32: 131 – 138 (2015). PMC4512879

Solution NMR Structure Determination of polytopic α-helical membrane proteins: A guide to spin label paramagnetic relaxation enhancement restraints.

Columbus L and Kroncke B.

Methods in Enzymology. 557: 329 – 348 (2015).

Opa+ Neisseria gonorrhoeae has reduced survival in human neutrophils via Src family kinase-mediated bacterial trafficking into mature phagolysosomes.

Johnson MB, Ball LM, Daily KP, Martin JN, Columbus L, and Criss AK.

Cellular Microbiology. 17:648 – 665 (2015). PMC4402142

Tuning micelle dimensions and properties with binary surfactant mixtures.

Oliver RC, Lipfert, Fox DA, Lo RH, Kim JJ, Doniach S, Columbus L.

Langmuir.30:13353 – 13361 (2014).

Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop: Professional Development for New Chemistry Faculty.

Baker LA, Chakraverty D, Columbus L, Feig AL, Jenks WS, Pilarz M, Stains M, Waterman R, and Wesemann J.

The Journal of Chemical Education. 91: 1874-1881 (2014).

Hemoglobin α/eNOS coupling in endothelium is required for nitric oxide scavenging during vasoconstriction

Straub AC, Mutchler S, Billaud M, Mykhaylo A, Palmer L, Le TH, Somlyo AV, Columbus L, Isakson BE.

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 34:2594 – 2600 (2014). PMC4239174

Mapping membrane protein dynamics: a comparison of site-directed spin labeling to NMR 15N-relaxation measurements.

Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Solomon T, Columbus L.

Biophysical Journal.107:1697 – 1702 (2014). PMC4190660

The Structure of the Neisserial outer membrane protein Opa60: Loop flexibility essential to receptor recognition and bacterial engulfment.

Fox DA, Larsson P, Lo RH, Kroncke BM, Kasson P, Columbus L.

Journal of the American Chemical Society. 136:9938 – 9946 (2014). PMC4105060

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