Columbus Labs

The research aims of the Columbus laboratory are two-fold:

  1. To understand the physical interactions between membrane proteins and lipids or membrane mimics

  2. To investigate the structural determinants of bacterial pathogen - host interactions mediated by membrane proteins

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The Columbus Lab is committed to a diverse and inclusive multidisciplinary research culture that enables lab members to obtain individual success, advance our research outcomes, and mentor and train the next generation of scientists. All members of the Columbus Lab contribute to an environment that values and respects all individuals and their unique perspectives. A scientific and laboratory culture where everyone feels they belong is our priority and critical to scientific advancement.

Recent Publications

  • Low q Bicelles are Mixed Micelles»

    Bicelles are used in many membrane protein studies as they are thought to be more bilayer-like than micelles. We investigated the properties of “isotropic” bicelles by SANS, SAXS, fluorescence anisotropy, and MD. All data suggest that bicelles with a q-value below 1 deviate from the classic bicelle which contains lipids in the core and detergent […]